It looks like we finally be opening!

The club will be re-opening on Saturday 4th July.

There are certain criteria that we have been advised to meet so please help the club achieve this if you plan on visiting.


Signs and arrows are visible throughout the main bar area.

Sanitising stations have been placed throughout the main bar area. Toilets are to be used by only 2 persons at a time. Please use the correct area at the bar to order your drinks. Tables and chairs have been repositioned to aid social distancing. You are welcome to use the outside seating area although please be aware that it is not a large area. This area is also a smoking area so if you are not comfortable with that then you may want to sit inside. Our preferred payment method will be contactless.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide access to pool, snooker or darts and there will be no live music or bingo. The gaming machines will also be switched off.

Only members will be allowed in the club. We are unable to take on any new members at this time. Please bring your membership cards when you visit the club or you may be refused entry. The bar staff cannot be expected to know every member! There will be a reduced capacity at the club of around 70 people.

Opening times: (to begin with) Saturday: Noon – 11pm, Sunday: 2pm -10.30pm, Thursday: 6pm -10pm, Friday: 12pm- 10.30pm.

The club will not be opening on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to begin with.

We apologise for the limited opening hours and restrictions and hope that these can all be relaxed in the near future dependent on government advice.

Finally, please be kind to the bar staff and bear with them as obviously this is all new to them as it is with you. Also, if you feel unwell or uncomfortable with coming to the club then please do not.